Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thank you girls!!!!!

I never had the chance to tell Ewa, Renu and Shauna THANK YOU!!!! thanks for making my birthday so special. Even though Brian wasn't able to be here you guys made my day. Thanks so much for your friendship. I love you guys. BESOS

Service Activity

So we did fruit baskets for my building activity. These baskets were donated to the homeless shelter in Hauula. We had the opportunity to make friendship cards and have breakfast. SO anyways my friend Appolonie from Africa was carrying baskets in her head she was able to keep a balance and walk with them. That was AMAZING!!!!

Family Pictures

Ok I know I havent' posted lately but all this exams and assignments are driving me crazy. But it is almost over the last day for my finals is thursday and I am exited. Also my parents, inlaws and the whole family will be here. yay me im happy to see my family it's been a year, but luckly is has gone by fast. I miss them a ton. I will let you posted on my parents pictures and what we have done. Good luck to all those who are taking final and all those who aren't lucky you!!! I know im beautiful what can I saw :) don't forget to comment i want to hear what you guys want to tell me hahahahh. Im just acting silly today. I love you guys!!!!! BESOS>>>>>