Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!!!

This is dedicated To BRIAN FRANCISCO NOGUERA. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!
I hope all your dreams come true. Thanks for all your love and your patience with me and hope we share many more birthdays together. Te amo!!!!! ( I love you!! for those who don't understand Mexican haha Spanish Ok get it right)

Beauty of Hawaii

Well lucky Brian because we got to spend his birthday in town we spend the weekend there. We went to eat at Dave n Busters and got to go to the submarine. It was fun I got to say it was my fist time there and I was a little nervous to be down there. David enjoyed looking at the fish and turtles.


We did it!!! well Brian did it cause I'm not done til April but I got to walk with my babes. It was great to be there and be surrounded by the one's we love. My parents and Brian's family was there for a week and a half. WE had so much fun with them and David got to spend time with his grandparents.

New Years!!! 2009

We spend New Year's with Javier, and Suzie. It was great we ended up going to town. We ate at CPK and later hit a hotel for a bash. David had a great time It was late but he was dancing it off. I am sad that well be leaving Hawaii soon so we decided to do something new every week let's see how it goes. By the way those who haven't seen David major change he got a hair cut and its super short now hope you like it. We are used to his long hair but change is good once in a while.